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Hands-on: Intro to freestyle weaving

  • October 26, 2019
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Scott Manor House, Bedford

Workshop attendees will bring a pre-warped loom to the hands-on, where you will use a variety of yarns to produce a freestyle woven scarf with a nice drapery finish.

To Prepare before the workshop: Bring your loom pre-warped - rigid heddle loom or other 2+ shaft, small portable loom. 12 or 12.5 dpi rigid heddle reed‎ or threaded/sleyed at 12 epi with a conventional reed. 

Warp is 80 ends at 96" - this is enough for a generous scarf as a finished project. Best warp yarn is 2/8 cotton, cottolin or other of that approx grist. It will seem too sparse but don't worry, once we use the variety of weaving yarns, we will end up with a nice drapey finish. Warp is most effective in black.... if you don't have any, another color in very dark shade will do - no white or light though as the weft choices won't be the focus! 

Those that can, bring a variety of weft yarns of all different thicknesses and colors... knitting yarns are great and do include those wierd fantasy yarns that you have lying about! Good to have some weaving yarns as well - think bobbin-busting or stash-busting! Mix of fibre content in the weaving yarn is good. Also bring extra shuttles (stick) or bobbins.... I will bring my bobbin winder.

Any questions and to register your spot, contact Michelle Carey directly at michellejewelry@hotmail.com

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